Rooster Day

Life doesn't stop.

Neither should you!

Rooster Day is a small app that helps you organize, track, and prioritize your goals in a fun and easy way.

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Rooster Day

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Rooster Day

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Rooster Day
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Beva Chairez

" I'm really impressed with this little app and best of all, I'm happy that I have found Rooster Day to get my goals in check! I think the whole idea of having checkpoints really seals the deal with me 😍 "



Science Says Only8%of People Achieve Their Goals.

Statistic Brain Research Institute 2018, Click here for more information.


Rooster Day to the Rescue

A fun little desktop app that lives in your bar which helps you commit to your goals every single day.

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Jacob Sosa

" Hey, I just want to say I love it... I started using it every day as part of my daily routine and have found that I've been more proactive about my goals and habits..."

🎯 Goals

Create one or as many goals as you need. Rooster Day lets you define goals per category, just give it a name, a due date, add one or more checkpoints, and your done! Just be sure to track your progress each day by checking each goal's roster to create consistency; and remember, you got this!

Feature: The anatomy of a goal
Feature: The anatomy of a goal

🐤 Collect & grow your farm

Collect and claim rewards everytime you complete or do daily check-ins on any of your goals. Use your claimed eggs to buy chickens, roosters, and more, all while you work towards any of your goals and watch your farm grow day by day.

✅ Daily Roster

Create accountability for yourself by checking in on your goals on a daily basis. It might be easy to forget; maybe you're not motivated, probably tired, or there are other things going on that can keep you away from your target, we get it! With the goal roster, you can keep track and make it easier to act upon your desired outcome, by simply checking in every day towards your goals.

Feature: The anatomy of a goal
Feature: The anatomy of a goal

🍅 Pomodoro

Keep focus on your goals and daily activities with our pomodoro productivity tools. Use the predefined duration for pomodoro, short, and long breaks, or set your own settings.

🔢 Dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard that gives you a summary of all of your current goals, total number of check-ins, your best streak, and your farm progress. It will notify you of goals that need some attention, and keep track of all your activity within Rooster Day!

Feature: The anatomy of a goal
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Claudia Mata

" 🙌 I just downloaded Rooster day and so far I think I'm in love with the app... It lets me focus on my top priority goals, and keeps me accountable every day..."

Common Questions

Rooster Day it's a small and fun app that lives in your desktop bar, that keeps track of all your goals, day by day. Collect eggs to grow your chicken collection, collect chickens, roosters, and items you can place in farm.

Yes. Rooster Day it's free forever. There's a premium option with some cool added benefits.

Go premium and enojoy added benefits such as unlimited goals, premium collectable items, goal checkpoints (sub-goals), a social profile where you can follow up people (available on March 2023), multi-theme support, and more productivity tools coming soon.

No. Buuuut, I'm working on adding Web support in the coming months, as well as iOS/Android support.

Yes. There's at least 1 to 2 minor updates per week, and one major update every month or two. I keep this app up to date on security issues concerning third-party extensions and Rooster Day itself.

Think of it as sub-goals. Goal checkpoints makes tracking your goal much easier when you have various checkpoints along the way, making it easier to divide your goals into different smaller chunks.

Yes. Beneath each goal, there's a download icon that you can use to download your goal and save it as an image with a nice little gradient border. You can then share it anywhere you like.'

Yes. When you decide to go premium, there's a social component (coming this March 2023) that let you see other people, follow them, see various ranks daily, and so much more. You can always turn off the social feature anytime by visiting your app settings.